The Girls

I can flirt ferociously with lust
spit fire of cautious songs
pulsing of hormones and rage
that I acquired over time
I am intimidating to you, of course
I should be as I am visions of desire
you are told not to have /canthave/
I am the girls you jerked off to
under covers in your dorm room while your
cute cis white blonde skinny girlfriend was away
I am the girls you match on tinder with /againandagain/
left, left, right, left, right, repeat
swiping so you can ask these questions and validate /dirtyfuckingdesiresdaddyhadtoo/
these girls you crave, pumping out cum
like lotion to moisturize the dryness of
desires pushed onto you /soboringsobland/
I am the girl you pick up in your car at 3 in the morning
looking to get that pink cock sucked by
a goddess of another name /trannyslutsaresoeasyright?/
when in reality it’s the boys like you who are easy
Because while she has too musters up all her resilience
to even want to taste your body, you just sit back and watch
making her feel like a secret /causewhatwoulddaddythink?/
even though we all know he has his secrets
And she calls him daddy too when he grabs her neck
I am those girls you take on dates in dark rooms
back of bars where only rats will see her beauty
and in these dark caves you are kind /Imissthisboyinthedark/
here I learned darkness is safer than light
because light makes the boys like you /leavethegirlslikeme/
I am the girl you found love with in those dark holes
love that you abandoned for being too much
too trans? too brown? too fat? too femme? too tall?
I am the girl who knows I am too much
the girls you left so she can find you in someone else
who can handle the women oozing from this cock you loved /toomuch/
I am the girls that you continue to fuck behind curtains
in a bed where you are gentle and caring /whatareyouthinkingrightnow?/
because I can’t stop thinking about when you left me
for strawberries and cream, even though caramel is sweeter
for this woman who’s easier to fuck, easier to love
and in your eyes, she is sky and I am dirt
I am the girls who learn my boundaries by fucking you
because you crossed them and built them up like boarders /funnyisntit/
that your white bodies are so use to building and tearing down at will
funny that your sex feels like colonization in this body I called home
because I became this girl who stopped showing up at 3 in the morning
The girl who knows I am not a secret
The girl who finds pleasure through open windows
The girl who is desirable more than fuckable
The girl you won’t have
The girl you can’t have
The girl who was intimidating
The girl in dark rooms
The girl who deleted tinder
The girl full of estrogen and rage
The girl who loved you even behind those curtains
And the girl who loved herself more than men
but that scares you, it should


I haven’t felt lovely
since I’ve felt your lips
pressed against my body
unconquered territory
this thing called no-mans-land
filled with a galaxy of nerves
constellations discovered
traced with tongues
on the paper of my skin
the sounds of sunbursts
mimicking moans of each other
your voice echoing though dimensions
oh, and did I mention
I loved you here
and I’ll never forget
the way your orgasms
remind me of comets
shooting across the starry
skies of my chest
how you looked at me
while moons collided like our bodies
unruly and destructive
creating new worlds
in the fire of old ones

Under Uprooted Trees

There are days
where I don’t
remember my name
losing track of
who I am now
and what I was

A husk of faux
this shell of
a man who
never existed

losing control
of names I chose
and names given
losing track of
selves I killed
buried under
uprooted trees


I often think
about baths
shared together
in distance

songs shared
guitar played
with fingers, you run
through my hair.

Lips dripping
as you put your body
in mine
the first time

Beer and cum
all I taste
as you kiss me

and I watch
you leave.

islands of
waves and rocks
consume space
                                 between us

over screens
snapshots a life
                                  that’s not us

this place you
call home
this girl you
call mine
                                  It’s not me

I delete
The evidence
Baths shared,
Music played,
Beer and cum

Like the space
Between us

can you grieve
men who are
still here

wanting to
fuck you
fill you
with their bodies
that you pretend
were lost
in ocean
that kept you

can you grieve
a ghost
you killed in

let them
eat you
taste you
savour you
in their mouth

are you allowed to grieve?
for the girl
this man loves

the girl he sleeps
next to
instead of you

as he fucks you
in her bed?

Can you grieve
men who are
still here

Fucking you


© arielletwist

Yes please, put it in your mouth.

Since I was born in the 90’s I grew up with the the classic (but fucking terrifying) PSA  “don’t you put in in your mouth” and obviously because of the rebellion that was deeply rooted into my queer little brown body I didn’t do a good job listening to the government and ended up putting lots of things in my mouth. That’s right pals, we are talking about Bj’s and all their sloppy glory!

Now I love giving blowjobs and I mean it, literally the blue sex bracelet was my favourite for a reason even if the black and clear with glitter matched my aesthetic and personality more. For the people who don’t know what sex bracelets are they were these little jelly bracelets that everyone use to wear in my high school and different colours meant different sex acts you would preform when someone would break it. Even now that I’m older, I traded those jelly bracelets for silicone cock rings and that messy fringe scene kid for a balayage babe but I absolutely still love participating in, talking and teaching about the art of sucking cock.

Before I continue talking about the fun stuff we need to acknowledge some things!

  • You can give a blowjob to so many things! A flesh cock, a silicone cock, a clit – get creative!
  • Blowjobs are not just for cis dudes given by cis ladies (sorry not sorry). Anyone can give anyone a blowjob if they want one and that’s fucking incredible
  • Giving blowjobs can be scary, new or exciting and any feelings you feel are valid.
  • Trauma is so real so have conversations and know your boundaries. You know what’s best for you so talk about it with your partner before putting anything inside of your body.
  • Communication & consent, fuck I can’t say this enough.

Oof, now that we touched on those things let’s move on!

  1. Bj’s can be so much fun with the right person. It can either be an act of dominance and control (like doing whatever you want to do to them while they’re tied up) or it can be an act of foreplay (scene one of the whole very off-Broadway show that is my sex life), and it can be submission (getting face fucked and used)! I love all of these things with very different partners, and once we communicate what works best for both of us we can continue with the breaking of the bracelet!
  2. Putting a dick in your mouth that has the ability to ejaculate can also be nerve wracking since most of us own (or at least read) the book “oh, they just came in my mouth with no warning and other classic horror stories” or my favourite “Nancy drew and the mystery of why the fuck did you cum in my eye.” I think talking about a game plan before or during on what you want to do with cum can be pretty important and actually really sexy!
  3. Hands and mouths go together like peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate, peanut butter and bacon. Literally hands are peanut butter and they go well with most sex acts. Wanna stick stuff in a butt? Hands! Wanna go down on a vulva? Hands! Wanna give a great blowjob? Hands! Hands make things so much more fun, and sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough to do all the things I want to do. Some fun things to do with hands is touch your partner, Rubbing your hands and fingers up their chest and down their legs, using your hands to press on their perineum and maybe even some light ball touching are some nice things to do with your hands while going down on your pal!

I can literally keep talking about this forever but this just the first of many blowjob conversations I can’t wait to talk about with all of you! As always, if you have any questions, concerns or want to ask about going down you can ask them here or just leave a comment!


Red earth, wet from the tears of my ancestors and dyed by their blood.
Red earth, under my nails and between my fingers as I try and hold on to my Kokum and all her magic.
Red earth, where I will return to, wet with my tears and blood. Muddy.

© arielletwist

To the man I call dad.

to the man who taught me that masculinity is more complicated than a fighting rage of adrenaline and testosterone, that it can look like holding and loving the caregiver and her children that the men before you left behind in death and wounded masculinity.

to the man, who like magic kept us safe in a world that is violent for me and my siblings. a place that is filled with such hate and destruction you continue to hold our complexities with a yearning to learn and a stumbling, ever-changing  understanding of what its like to be us.

To the man, who showed me what loving a femme looks like and how I should be loved as the femme I am. How you show her such powerful devotion and care coming from a place I didn’t even know existed in men, a place that is soft, a place that is love.

To the man, I will never grow up to be. I am forever grateful to you.

© arielletwist

Woah, Sex?!

Yes, SEX! 

As a sex educator I spent most days talking and teaching about sex and even more time having sex, thinking about sex, and I sext at least two people daily (thank god for tinder am I right!) and I think relatable and reliable sex education is vital. So when I was 15 and there wasn’t much people who looked like me talking about sex, I was often left thinking “where’s the pudgy, brown, queer sex educators??” So when I grew up I became the representation I missed out on as an adolescent slut, and now the pudgy, brown, queer kids of tomorrow (today?) have at least a little piece of their identity represented in the work I do.

But I’m straying from how I wanted to start this out and I’ll make a list of points that are important to chat about before going any further.

  1.  I want to talk about the words I am going to use throughout this project and let you know that these words might not be words you are comfortable using for your body, and thats perfectly fine. I want you to explore what words feel good for you to use, words that make you feel sexy, words that make you feel safe and share those words with the people you are going to be fucking.
  2. Communication is the biggest sex tip I can give to anyone (second to lube) and will be talking about it a lot in my posts.
  3. This is not always going to be fun, I can talk about prostates and foreskin all day but I think talking about the bad stuff is just as important as talking about all good stuff.
  4. Sex is everywhere. This is a space where I will discuss the sex we see everyday, the questions you might have and open up conversations about things you might not know!
  5. This is a learning experience for both of us; message me, comment, ask questions. It will help me grow as an educator and a person.
  6. I believe every person has a right to an amazing, consensual, safe, pleasure filled sex regardless of race, sexuality, gender, class, ability, and age.
  7. I dont tolerate any kind of discrimination, please don’t be a bad person on my platform.

Thanks so much for reading pals, I can’t wait to see what this turns into
Arielle Twist



These hands hold Power, with their thick, long fingers like tree roots they are buried into the soil with my ancestors as they harness their brilliance and power that’s keeps me grounded to this land.

These hands hold Rage, for my siblings who are missing, murdered, displaced, isolated, sold, raped, and lost in this place we once called home.

These hands hold complexities, of once being strong and callous for the masculinity forced by my colonizers, as well as the soft and hard femininity held and nurtured by the strong women who surround me, the femme spirit of my kokums before and the girl who didn’t have a childhood.

These hands hold Maps, carved into my skin by the creator of where I will go, who I will love, what I will accomplish, and when I will die and be reborn.

These hands hold pain, Burning and aching pain felt by my bloodline, intergenerational trauma running through my veins, beating in my heart and spilling on the floor in a pool that I had to cut out.

These hands hold these words, that I kept inside myself for too long worrying about how I will look, what you will think, or will you even listen.

These hands hold the creativity, spinning and dancing from my mind on to this page, a beautiful dance of letters and sounds that I wish I could speak in my mother tongue.

These hands hold guilt, for when you grabbed me and spun me around in your arms making me fall for you over and over and over. Different name but that same white skin, strong jaw, deep voice and need to take what is not yours.

These hands hold you.

© arielletwist