Woah, Sex?!

Yes, SEX! 

As a sex educator I spent most days talking and teaching about sex and even more time having sex, thinking about sex, and I sext at least two people daily (thank god for tinder am I right!) and I think relatable and reliable sex education is vital. So when I was 15 and there wasn’t much people who looked like me talking about sex, I was often left thinking “where’s the pudgy, brown, queer sex educators??” So when I grew up I became the representation I missed out on as an adolescent slut, and now the pudgy, brown, queer kids of tomorrow (today?) have at least a little piece of their identity represented in the work I do.

But I’m straying from how I wanted to start this out and I’ll make a list of points that are important to chat about before going any further.

  1.  I want to talk about the words I am going to use throughout this project and let you know that these words might not be words you are comfortable using for your body, and thats perfectly fine. I want you to explore what words feel good for you to use, words that make you feel sexy, words that make you feel safe and share those words with the people you are going to be fucking.
  2. Communication is the biggest sex tip I can give to anyone (second to lube) and will be talking about it a lot in my posts.
  3. This is not always going to be fun, I can talk about prostates and foreskin all day but I think talking about the bad stuff is just as important as talking about all good stuff.
  4. Sex is everywhere. This is a space where I will discuss the sex we see everyday, the questions you might have and open up conversations about things you might not know!
  5. This is a learning experience for both of us; message me, comment, ask questions. It will help me grow as an educator and a person.
  6. I believe every person has a right to an amazing, consensual, safe, pleasure filled sex regardless of race, sexuality, gender, class, ability, and age.
  7. I dont tolerate any kind of discrimination, please don’t be a bad person on my platform.

Thanks so much for reading pals, I can’t wait to see what this turns into
Arielle Twist


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