I often think
about baths
shared together
in distance

songs shared
guitar played
with fingers, you run
through my hair.

Lips dripping
as you put your body
in mine
the first time

Beer and cum
all I taste
as you kiss me

and I watch
you leave.

islands of
waves and rocks
consume space
                                 between us

over screens
snapshots a life
                                  that’s not us

this place you
call home
this girl you
call mine
                                  It’s not me

I delete
The evidence
Baths shared,
Music played,
Beer and cum

Like the space
Between us

can you grieve
men who are
still here

wanting to
fuck you
fill you
with their bodies
that you pretend
were lost
in ocean
that kept you

can you grieve
a ghost
you killed in

let them
eat you
taste you
savour you
in their mouth

are you allowed to grieve?
for the girl
this man loves

the girl he sleeps
next to
instead of you

as he fucks you
in her bed?

Can you grieve
men who are
still here

Fucking you


© arielletwist

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