The Girls

I can flirt ferociously with lust
spit fire of cautious songs
pulsing of hormones and rage
that I acquired over time
I am intimidating to you, of course
I should be as I am visions of desire
you are told not to have /canthave/
I am the girls you jerked off to
under covers in your dorm room while your
cute cis white blonde skinny girlfriend was away
I am the girls you match on tinder with /againandagain/
left, left, right, left, right, repeat
swiping so you can ask these questions and validate /dirtyfuckingdesiresdaddyhadtoo/
these girls you crave, pumping out cum
like lotion to moisturize the dryness of
desires pushed onto you /soboringsobland/
I am the girl you pick up in your car at 3 in the morning
looking to get that pink cock sucked by
a goddess of another name /trannyslutsaresoeasyright?/
when in reality it’s the boys like you who are easy
Because while she has too musters up all her resilience
to even want to taste your body, you just sit back and watch
making her feel like a secret /causewhatwoulddaddythink?/
even though we all know he has his secrets
And she calls him daddy too when he grabs her neck
I am those girls you take on dates in dark rooms
back of bars where only rats will see her beauty
and in these dark caves you are kind /Imissthisboyinthedark/
here I learned darkness is safer than light
because light makes the boys like you /leavethegirlslikeme/
I am the girl you found love with in those dark holes
love that you abandoned for being too much
too trans? too brown? too fat? too femme? too tall?
I am the girl who knows I am too much
the girls you left so she can find you in someone else
who can handle the women oozing from this cock you loved /toomuch/
I am the girls that you continue to fuck behind curtains
in a bed where you are gentle and caring /whatareyouthinkingrightnow?/
because I can’t stop thinking about when you left me
for strawberries and cream, even though caramel is sweeter
for this woman who’s easier to fuck, easier to love
and in your eyes, she is sky and I am dirt
I am the girls who learn my boundaries by fucking you
because you crossed them and built them up like boarders /funnyisntit/
that your white bodies are so use to building and tearing down at will
funny that your sex feels like colonization in this body I called home
because I became this girl who stopped showing up at 3 in the morning
The girl who knows I am not a secret
The girl who finds pleasure through open windows
The girl who is desirable more than fuckable
The girl you won’t have
The girl you can’t have
The girl who was intimidating
The girl in dark rooms
The girl who deleted tinder
The girl full of estrogen and rage
The girl who loved you even behind those curtains
And the girl who loved herself more than men
but that scares you, it should

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